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Description: Model Comments My name is Hollie, I am 21 years old and live in Arizona, born and raised in Phoenix. My goal in life is to help people make the right choices in life. I want to study pyschology in Germany and be a counselor to kids who grew up in broken homes. I enjoy going to raves, such as EDC an Nocturnal Wonderland. I love raving for the people and the energy and vibes. PLUR is a lifestyle that i live by since I started raving and I wouldnt have it any other way.I listen to all different types of music, alternative rock, country, edm, classic rock and reggea. Ever since I was a little girl I have had an interest in designing clothing, when I was in highschool I took a fashion class and decided that when I was older I would start my own clothing line. I have a unconditional love for animals as well, growing up I always had a pet of some kind. When I was a toddler I was allergic to cats, but that didnt stop me from having one. Ever since then I have had either a dog or a cat or both. I always get compliments on my big brown eyes, but nobody knows my background.. I am Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Native American. One day I plan to own a house in Portugal so I can vacation whenever I please. I lost my virginity when I was 15 to my highschool sweetheart. I would consider myself a mild sex addict, if I dont have sex everyday then I have to masturbate so Im not cranky. Orgasming is my drug, I can do it anywhere, anytime, it always lifts my mood after I finish. I started masturbating when I was very young, around 4 years old. I experimented with my girl friends growing up but once I saw a penis, I was immediately hooked. I like to tell people Im strictly dickly. I have had sex with about 50 guys, thanks to Tinder.. My favorite penis is about 6 inches, girthy enough for my hand to wrap perfectly around it and the kind that curves up a little bit so it can hit my g-spot perfectly. My favorite positions are piledriver and doggy style. I enjoy looking back as the guy is pounding my pussy, it turns me on to watch. My favorite thing to do is tease and sucking dick, playing with my tongue ring, and drive them crazy. Its a huge turn on to have a guy beg for it and its even better pleasing them. I never spit, always swallow. I hope you guys enjoyed learning about me and watching me do my thing on First Time Video. Videographer/Photographer's Comments A charismatic, fun-loving girl who has a strong addiction to masturbating is the perfect girl for a masturbation video, and her first time doing on camera! We meet her at a tourist area, checking her out in a cute summer dress & wedges, getting upskirt panty views while she introduces herself. Going back home we check out her full firm breasts, then she reveals her private parts and her curvaceous butt! Trying on several cute sets of underwear, we notice how wet she is, and her desire to get to masturbation right away! Using her fingers and the Eroscillator Toy, she gets to a strong, milky wet orgasm with visible vaginal contractions... notice her juices flowing down her vagina! We get extreme closeups of her privates, clit closeups, and her stretching/playing with her long labia. She then is introduced to a thick dildo, which is really big for her... filling her up but pleasurable nonetheless. She tries fingering her butt for the first time... Using the vibrator again, it brings her to another strong orgasm, and notice the orgasmic aftershocks! Posing in a cute bra & panties, she then tries out the Vibraking Toy, and wow, does it bring her to a very strong orgasm! More strong orgasmic contractions, and notice how wet she gets every time. She spreads and gapes, then tries something even bigger -- the Big Ten Toy! She takes it as deep as she can, as it bottoms out and makes it feel like its in 'her tummy', and then using the Vibraking, has another super strong orgasm while she is pounding herself! That combination makes it her favorite. Notice her pulsating vagina starts oozing juices the moment the dildo comes out!
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