Total First Timer

From: FTV Girls
Description: Hey! I had a fun time shooting for FTV girls here in Arizona. The fashion and naughty public shoots were my favorite. I felt so scandalous and naughty flashing the camera in front of the photographer, who is the first person to see me naked besides my ex boyfriend. I come from Oregon where its cold and rainy most the year so the weather change coming here was very enjoyable for me. If I were to move anywhere I would definitely choose somewhere with the same climate and preferably beaches. I appreciate my home too much to move anywhere at the moment though. I love warm enviornments and palm trees! I spend most of my time with my dogs exploring the nature and going on walks/hikes. I currently have 2 dogs, both being pomeranian/chihuahua mixes. Their names are Mimi and Momo.. Mimi is 6 and momo is 1. All my dogs have had a japanese influence on their names. Mimi directly translates to ear. I chose that name because she has the cutest ears and the name was adorable. Momo directly translates to peach. I chose that name because shes my little peach and her name would go well with mimi's. I would love to be able to adopt more one day and have a rescue for them. I love to drive big suvs and trucks. I currently have a big truck and its been my favorite vehicle yet. Crafts keep me busy when im not in nature or hanging out with my pets. Painting is my favorite hobby currently... Whether painting canvas, flower pots, or basically anything I can get my hands on. I tend to be big on long term relationships.. My most recent being 3 years. He was a little crazy and over-protective; Although I like my men crazy, he was a little overboard. He had say in what I wore, where I went, and who I socialized with. I broke up with him recently so I could focus on myself and have more fun while im young and cute lol. And I am accomplishing that by being here (; She's been wanting to try porn for a long time, but she had a rather overprotective boyfriend -- once she broke up with him, she went right to applying to shoot for FTV. She sent these mostly nude shots of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10. No doubt supercute, and wow, amazing butt. Just as cute in person, just very nervous at first. Especially when we started on location in her cute casual wear (which was pretty much what she was wearing when she came from the airport) she was quiet and needed constant instruction and conversation to be 'animated'. That all changes by the second day when she's more confident and comfortable with being in front of the camera. Once she got naked to the music, those erotic curves are no doubt very arousing. She was shy about me being present for her masturbating, so I left her alone -- her hand blocks a lot of the orgasm, but you can see the vaginal contractions as gets to her orgasm. She has a rather prominent clit, and that is our first focus of her privates, then her pulling her labia, and trying to show pink. She had never fingered herself in the butt, let alone use a glass toy, but it was quite hot to see her penetrate herself like that, in erotic detail. The Big Blue Toy seems pretty easy for her, as she takes it deep, and enjoys the vibration going through her body. Notice as it goes super deep, her belly gets 'popped up'. She had a lot of cute pairs of underwear, and she picked this one for a sexy panty stuffing scene, as well as a veggie penetration fuck session. Once again, she takes it rather deep, and wide. Notice how milky wet she gets. We finish off the day with watersports scene for you guys who keep requesting pee scenes.
Models: Macy FTV
Channel: FTV Girls