The Track Athlete

From: FTV Girls
Description: I have traveled to France, the British Isles, Cozumel (Mexico), Florida, the Outer Banks, Las Vegas, and now Arizona. I have to say that my favorite place has been Las Vegas. I love the heat, especially when there is no humidity. I believe it is in a drought there right now, which means it's sunny all the time. It is the kind of weather I need in my life. However, I really enjoy going to the beach. It is my happy place. I have always told myself that once I have my own beach house, I will then have accomplished my goal in life. I would consider myself to be a materialistic person. Not because I'm always out spending my money on useless things, but because I spend a lot of money on the things I tend to buy. Lately I try not to buy in bulk, I try to buy designer. Besides the fact that name brands are made out of better materials, I feel as if they make people appear a lot more put together. If you see someone stepping out of their brand new sports car wearing Ray Bans, a Calvin Klein dress, and Louboutin shoes, you might stop and think to yourself, "Wow. They have their life together." That is the kind of reaction I strive to have from passerbyers who might happen to stop and notice me. I also really enjoy doing my makeup. Not because I feel like I need to by any means, but because I just enjoy the way it looks. I start with a countour, and then I begin to apply eyeshadow. Once that is done, I put on a blinding highlight. The highlight and doing my eyebrows are probably tied for my favorite. I just love doing my eyebrows because I feel like mine are shaped nicely, so once they are filled in they appear "fleeked." And highlight is always fun because it makes me glow! Once that is done I apply a generous three layers of mascara and top it off with a lipstick. I only do all of these steps when I'm really in the mood to do my makeup and I have enough time, as none of these steps are really mandatory for my day to day needs. This girl is not only gorgeous, she's also super athletic. I even went trail running with her in the morning, and she can run fast. She was a track athlete in high school, and you can tell -- her legs and butt are rock solid and flawless. Then again her whole body is super firm, including those amazing breasts of hers. So we did a sporty shoot to start, and with her skimpy sports bra it made it a lot more interesting as she played basketball, did stretches, boxing and some gym work. Once at home, she does another dancing striptease (love the butt shots!) and gets introduced to the FTV Cat. They got along well, and the cat didn't want to leave while she masturbated on the couch. For whatever reason, her orgasmic contractions were even stronger than before, really going wild as she has her orgasm. Then we enjoy her firm breasts as she massages them, licks her nipples (she didn't know she could!) and does another masturbation with her favorite vibrator. She seemed to have a strong crush on me, so she stayed a lot longer than normal, hanging out for nearly a week -- I collected some of her selfie videos and made it into clip 6 of some of the things she enjoyed while staying before she had to get back to her hometown and start college.
Models: Angelina FTV