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Description: Model Comments What do you think of my outfit on this shoot? I was suprised with the colors matched. He asked me to wear something colorful and I really loved the pics! When I went back it was time for some masturbation. It felt so good, I was hitting my spot just perfect, and getting so wet. Everything that had happen so far had built up inside me, all the crazy dirty sexy excitement and it was just so damn good. I was all worked up and on fire down below. Next we went to this beautiful house with a pool and in the front room I did some really sexy dancing. When I say sexy, I mean I got so worked up that I was totally wet. I just had to give my boobs and ass a rough massage to work out some of the sexual frustration I had building up.?I almost forgot earlier I was getting naked at an office building I think. In the middle of taking my clothes off what happens buy I get caught by some upset housewife who promptly tells me to scram. That was really just nuts. Why can't a girl just be naughty when she needs to be? later there was no one around to catch me when I decided to take a pee on this pretty staircase. I hadn't done a lot of things before today and this was sure one I never expected to do. I guess I'm just a dirty, dirty girl deep down inside. Overall being in front of the camera like this was a totally new experience for me. I loved the way being such a dirty naught girl made me feel. I was just such an amazingly hot time. I'm sure I'll remember it forever. I'd like to thank F.T.V. for giving this experience to me. I can't express enough how safe I felt through the whole thing and I had a total blast the whole time. Thank you for giving me this sexy, naughty, memorable and amazing Day!!! Videographer/Photographer's Comments On her second day of shooting, I wanted a really sexy dress for her to wear, something that stood out and of course, showed off her amazing butt. The turqouise dress and heels look sooo good on her. We headed to a resort that morning, and let her flash her goods, then show off her flexibility, legs, thighs, form, with some upskirt fingering and teases. You can tell she really enjoys showing herself off, and I particlularly enjoyed any view she gave from behind. Those perky breasts seem fuller today as well. It turns to on-location anal play, starting with fingers, then a butt plug, and finally with a black dildo. Her tight butt really wraps around the toy firmly, and she seems to enjoy it quite a bit. Definitely a good clip for anal fans, and that butt will only draw you to her errogenous zones. Anyway, back indoors (the day was already getting hot, 90+ degrees) she does a selfie sexy dance to music, stripping down and showing off some more. I then get to film her walking around in the nude, following her from behind, with a nice hard breast & butt massage (and nipple play as well). Some really clear solid shots of her spread butt as well. She wanted to cool down in the pool (she was drawn to the pretty architecture) which then turned into some foot fetish, and with her flexibility she easily put her toe in her mouth. She does splits really nicely too. More dancing, this time with me recording, following her movements, and a more aggressive rock beat to make her move with more intensity. The stockings stay on, and she moves to the bed where she tries out the large glass toy. Hot scene watching her fuck herself with it, then an attempt to push it in anally, but its way too much for her. So she warms her butt up with fingers instead, then her own pink vibrator which she uses more to stretch out her butt, and takes it rather deep. It all leads to the long dildo that gets a hard pounding into the vagina, then pushed into her butt. That large penis toy gets some serious work anally and its erotic to watch her filling up both holes. It definitely pushed her anal limits. To end the day, another masturbation, this time with the Magic Wand, and it gets her pretty exhausted after all the dancing, posing, and penetration. What a wonderfully sexy addition to FTV, she's definitely arousing to watch.
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