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Description: Model Comments I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up there for almost my entire life. I also lived in Olathe, Kansas for four years of my life. If I had to choose which place I like better it would be Pittsburgh because it is my hometown. However, Kansas is a very pretty state and the people who live there are very friendly. I did cheerleading in 7th and 9th grade at the middle school and high school I attended in Kansas and I made a lot of great lifelong friends from that. That time in my life was very lifechanging and memorable. I have always been a very outgoing person and I thrive off of interacting with the people around me. I love to make people laugh and laugh with them. My favorite things to do in my spare time are exercise, go shopping, go out to eat and drink, hangout with my friends and I am currently learning how to play the Ukelele. I also love to sing and hope to take voice lessons in the future. Working out and exercising is very stress relieving for me. Whenever I am on a run, I feel like im on top of the world. I love to run outdoors especially rather than on a treadmill, nature is so beautiful and relaxing to me. Its very important to me that I like the way I look and working out makes me look and feel amazing. Some other sports that I did growing up were karate, softball and gymnastics. I enjoyed Karate the most out of those three and I wish I would have stuck with it longer. I finished with a red belt, but easily could have gotten a black belt not much later. I was very good at Karate at a young age and always broke the board with my first try. Gymnastics was very enjoyable for me also. I learned how to do cartwheels, backbends, backwalkovers and front handsprings. Softball I did not enjoy as much and I only did for a few years but it was nice to give it a try. Another hobby of mine would be skiing, my dad took me to seven springs many times when I was young. The first time I skiied, I was 6 years old and I went down a gigantic hill by accident and fell. My dad was worried but when he reached me at the bottom of the hill, I was laughing and wanted to do it again. I would love to go to Colarado and ski one day in the future and even try to snow board aswell. I have never been to Colorado but the scenery is amazing and it seems like a very chill environment. It is my dream to have a second home in Colorado to visit and rent it out whenever I am back home in Pennsylvania. I also would love to have a lake a house one day. So when I eventually have a family we could take trips to the Lake of the Ozarks in the summer and invite all of our friends. Some other places I have never been before for a vacation are Hawaii, Florida and Mexico. I plan to take a vacation to at least one of those places in the next year. I am very excited for that. I have not been to the beach since I was 13 years old when my family and I went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. During my shoot with FTV, I loved taking fashion photos and risky photos in the public.It was my very first time using an actual dildo, let alone a 9 inch one. I was shocked I almost took the whold thing. I did not expect to put a toy in my butt, but it was surprisingly very pleasurable. And the camera man was very handsome! I really didnt expect that. Videographer/Photographer's Comments This ex-cheerleader sent me these application photos: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7. She is a supercute teen with a lot of energy; and what an amazing pair of legs and butt she's got! We meet up with her at a busy tourist area, and watch this girl in a cute short white skirt and skimpy top, wearing sexy wedges. Each time she sits down or bends over we get nice upskirt or downblouse views, its arousing to watch! She shows off her acrobatic skills by doing cartwheels and backbends at the park and her panties end up being exposed everywhere! Back home, she does a striptease to music, and you can see how fit and flawless her body is... what a nice butt! She ends up masturbating with just her fingers, to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Then we get extreme closeups of her private parts, and her playing/pulling on her long labia. Then she goes out poolside to pee... Putting on a cute pair of bra & panties, she does more showing off of her figure, then uses her own personal vibrator to another strong orgasm and vaginal contractions! She then pushes it in, and shows us how strong her vaginal muscles are, by pushing it out. Her experience with a large toy like the Big Ten is incredible, she takes nearly the whole thing down while riding it, and gets milky wet with the pressure! She also has very cute feet, which she shows off after taking her wedges off. Out for a lunch break, we see her in form fitting jeans and crop top, then she gets intimate with us in the bed fingering herself and speading wide, showing off her milky wetness. She then takes the Eroscillator Vibrator, and has her strongest orgasm yet -- but it makes her even hornier -- she would constantly give hints about wanting to have sex... Getting kinky with anal toys, she uses a butt plug, then a glass toy, big end side first, notice how it pulls on her butt! One thing I really noticed, was how tight she was both vaginally and anally. As the day comes to an end, she goes out to a park, and shows off more acrobatics, and even her karate skills while wearing a skimpy workout outfit. She's another fun teen with the desire to be sexual on camera, and another perfect choice for FTV :)
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