She's Yummy & Petite

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments My name is Athena. I currently live in Northern California, although I've lived in 7 other states and several different cities inside those states. As you can tell, I like moving around and experiencing different ways of life and different cultures. My favorite place so I've lived so far is definitely California. It has a little bit of everything I love. I love big cities, I love mountains, I love beaches, I love different types of weather but I can never get enough sunshine. I like to joke about how I'm solar powered and can't quite function to my full ability when it's cloudy and rainy outside. My favorite season is Spring. Specifally the end of it because it's starting to warm up enough to go swimming, but you can still see all the pretty spring flowers and smell all the freshly cut healthy grass that exists before summer dries it out. I love spending time outside and adventuring. Anything that has to do with physical activity and heights are my favorite outdoor activities. Climbing buildings, bridges, water towers. Anything to get a good view. I'm a really optimistic person who loves to laugh. I love my smile and brightening other people's days. I have a 2 year old Pomeranian named Milo who is my favorite living being on the planet. He's 5 lbs of pure fuzz and never likes to leave my side. I love working out and dancing in my free time. It's my own kind of therapy. Whenever I start to get down or frustrated, I take my dog on a run, lift some weights, do some yoga, or blast my music in my garage and dance. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Athena was not a first timer when she shot for FTV, but had done a single adult scene a year before -- but got found out by friends/family, and had a lot of trouble for that year (including an abusive boyfriend). But then, she went to AVN this year (2018) and really wanted to shoot adult again, and warmed herself up with FTV. Here's two pictures she sent me at the time #1 #2 and two of her AVN shots as she promoted her agency #3 #4. Her agent, thought that she would be a perfect candidate for FTV (and I agree) along with the fact that she loves to masturbate, and does it daily (she has no boyfriend anymore). When she arrived, she was a bit shy at first, (and I did this outtake video clip 8 of her getting ready) but once we started, she opened up (and coffee helped too). I picked my favorite starter outfit, which was this white dress and purple wedges. The location we shot at, as well as the time of day in the morning made for some ideal lighting and a perfect modeling shoot as well as some upskirt teasers. People around the area were all friendly, and her high/positive energy seemed to affect all those around her. Since she was a cheerleader, and did dance when she was younger, a lot of her shoot had a bit of dancing here and there, even on the spot on location. Her legs/butt are so sexy in that mini-dress, I couldn't get enough of shooting her in that outfit. Her nipples are pierced, and we get to seem them in the car, and then fully undressed at home. More dancing to music...and she twerks so well haha. She does get wet quite naturally, and as she fingers herself you can hear the juicy sounds. She also has long labia, so I had her do some stretching up close. Then using a vibrator, she gets to orgasm (though it took a while for her, since she wasn't used to someone recording her up close like that). Strong orgasms & vaginal contractions. I really do love her figure, and she has that body that looks great in cute bras & panties (and she knows it). So we do a sexy view of her figure, then let her use the Vibraking, which she ends up enjoying immensely with another orgasm and calling it her new favorite toy. As wet as she is now, the Big Ten goes in rather easily (even though at first she genuinely thought she wouldn't be able to get it in). With her rubbing her clit, she surprises us both with another orgasm, this time because of both external and internal stimulation. You could also somewhat see her tummy rise and fall when that toy would go deep. She could feel it in her belly...more to come in Part 2.
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