Seducing The Admin

From: Nubiles Porn
Description: BG Lilly Ford (participates) Alex Legend (admin) Kyler Quinn (brunette) Katie Kush (wears glasses) • Scene starts off with the girls in group in the detention home - they are sharing in a circle what they have done to change and how the home has helped them - while they are talking lily has a vibrator in her pussy and she starts using via a remote - at first the male admin doesnt know whats going on until she cant hold in her orgasm then he puts 2 and 2 together and realizes whats going on - he demands that she strip to find the vibrator - after she is naked the admin makes the other girls leave and he lectures her - he demands the vibrator and says he is going to write her up - she says she will do anything to not get written up. she whips out his dick and starts to blow him - he tries to resist but its too much he caves and then she puts his dick inside her
Models: Lilly Ford
Channel: DetentionGirls