Rocker & Geeky Girl

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments I am so excited to shoot for you guys! My IRL partner totally digs FTV so its very cool to shoot for you guys! I loved the style of the shoot where I could do really what I enjoyed and I think you can see the results! It was a wet day down there, lots of cumming! The hike was fun, I though it would be more remote but there was these houses pretty close lol owell, I hope they like me peeing! Its natural! :) Videographer/Photographer's Comments Luna is a ruby red model form NorCal who loves to do art modeling and loves to play video games, but today shes in LA and begins her morning on the couch. Shes a metal head, so we actually begin the shoot in what she was just wearing around the house with her shirt and cute undies. Her feeling of her body becomes more and more sensual and eventually the clothes come off and the rubbing intensifies. Eventually she gets a Wand toy to help finish her off. In the kitchen, Luna hops up on the countertop and begins to show off some penetration beginning with fingers and eventually she wants more. She ends up wanting a black wand toy and the purple toy in combination and enjoyed the results! She then treats us to a oily rubdown of her youthful body, highlighting her puffy pussylips. She heads outside and gets into some car play and changes into some athletic wear. She flashes and dodges trailgoers and even pees off the trail! Luna's bubbly personality shines through in her FTVgirls update!
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Models: Luna FTV
Channel: FTV Girls