Pushing All Limits

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments Im also a low-key gamer. I have an xbox 360 at home. I do play online sometimes when I have time. I used to play a lot more but have gotten caught up at work and responsibilities. As you can see in the film I do have braces and im very proud of how far my smile has come. I'm still very insecure about them so please ignore my dorky faces when I try to smile because I absolutely do not know how to smile. My best friend and I plan to move to New York one of these days so I've been saving up for that as well. We were gonna plan a trip out there until I got into in an accident in early October, its lame but I've been trying hard to save up money for a new car. I GOT THIS. I decided to do this film today becuase I wanted to see where it would take me. I've always been into exhibitionism, I feel this is a step closer to getting where I want to be in this industry. I used to be a cam model in 2015, it was great. The only thing i didnt like about that was that I worked in a studio and they had rules that I obviously didnt care to follow so I quit. If i ever cammed again it would be on my own terms and I would work from home. Make my own hours on my time. some of my Favorite parts about my film today was that I was able to let go of myselft towards the end and really get into it, I learned that I can now lick my left nipple standing up! I almsot fit my fist into my Vagina too which was super fun! I will have to practice that some more. Another favorite part was the sunsquash scene, it was goofy and a lot of fun. One thing that was difficult was the anal scenes, don't get me wrong. I like anal but I really have to prepare mentally for it hahaha it's just such an intense feeling. Next time I will be better. Also if I may add, the house we shot everything at is fantastic. It has its own elevator. I told the Director he needed a cat. Over all I had a great time filming and hope to do it again soon. Videographer/Photographer's Comments We start the next half of the day outdoors, as she wears a cute summer dress, does some 'attempted' cartwheels, which only made her laugh and get more playful, with panty and breast teasers as she does it. A little lunch break, and her talking about her amazing breasts, then going home to get real kinky. It begins with a large summer squash, which she has difficulty pushing in at first (so wide) but eventually gets it in, and makes it look easy. She's got some strong vaginal muscles, and so she doesn't need to pull it out, just pushes it and it pops out. Great video from low angles... which get some good views of her vagina being stretched to its max as the squash comes out. We then enjoy those breasts, as I have her give them a really hard massage, nipple play and nipple licking, with some attention to her cute butt. She looks great in doggy to me! Then she goes for some anal play, using a glass toy that she pushes in really deep, and large anal beads, which are all first time experiences for her. Something fun and cute she enjoys... listening to techno music, she picks one out, and dances in her bra & panties, eventually becoming a striptease. That body looks so good in motion! Then in her dressiest & sexiest wear, she does some posing in a black dress & heels, then goes to another mirror to fuck herself with a vibrating dildo. I didn't know what to expect with that toy, but it turned out to be amazing for her, with another strong orgasm. Some really sexy views of the masturation from above. The idea came up to try fisting, especially since she was so wet from the masturbation and 'stretched out' enough from all the other activities -- and she does get her whole hand in -- but only for a few seconds at a time. Its just too much for her to handle, so once her hand goes in, it comes right back out. But its hot to see her do it, and do the quick fist... It also made her want to pee really bad, so I got that on camera on clip9 with the outtake of the dancing video in second camera view. This girl was definitely a good one, with all the FTV style desires, and she's exclusive to FTV.
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