Passive Sexuality

From: FTV Girls
Description: I love music, all types of music. Everything from country music to edm to rap. Music makes me happy and helps expres my emotions. I also love to stay active by running, lifting weights, and yoga. I did soccer for 9 years, track for 4 years, and muay thai kickboxing for about 6 years. I am a vegetarian, so I have alot of compassion for animals. I grew up in Seattle Washington and lived there almost my whole life. It was rainy and cloudy almost all the time and thats one of the main reasons I moved to Phoenix Arizona. I love the heat, swimming outside, the sunshine and palm trees. I am going to community college at the moment. Im on my second year towards my associates degree in psychology. My goal is to then transfer to ASU to pursue a masters degree in psychology. Then, I most likely will look into teaching psychology at a professor's level. A dream of mine is to get a house in California next to the water and be a professor at UCLA. I have travelled to almost everywhere in the United States however, I have only been to Mexico outside the country. I do want to do more travelling, I think the next place I will vacation at is Hawaii. I want to see the volcanoes and the beaches and eat delicious food. I love kitties and dogs, I wish I could be a cat. lol I like to dress up as one and even a nickname of mine is "kitty." Im shy and submissive but I also like to have some control, I love to laugh and have fun and try new things. Im pretty daring and theres not a lot I wont try. Being a 20 year old I do like to go out dancing, I will be turning 21 September 25. Im excited to be in New Orleans with friends and family, drinking my first legal drink. Another one of my favorite things to do is raving. Rachelle was referred to FTV by an ex-roomate of hers, which was a friend of another FTV girl. She came over quite a bit nervous and shy, which is understandable when she's never done adult before, and that ideal kind of 'good girl' without any tattoos or strange hangups in life. I apologize in advance if the shoot seems to start awkward, or that I have to talk to her to have her interact... but she does get more confident in part2. She had sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 and some selfie nudes #4 #5 #6. Cute body, likes to work out, and some really nice firm breasts with the prettiest nipples too. We went on location, with her wearing a cute form-fitting dress and wedges. I immediately noticed how wet she was down there, and it definitely wasn't from the heat... Quiet about her arousal, it got expressed over time, and cumulated with a nice strong orgasm using a vintage vibrator. She doesn't have a boyfriend, and seemed pretty horny. Every chance she got, she hinted at wanting intercourse the more she got comfy with me. Some foot fetish play, then breast massage, and 'introductory' anal fingering (she's only had anal sex once in her life). This shoot day was short, but she's coming back a second day... with a lot more of her with greater self-confidence (and even hornier).
Models: Rachelle FTV
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