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Description: Hi, my name is Bella. I just turned 21 years old on may 8th. i am from new orleans, louisiana. I was born in Saint petersburg, Florida and then moved to new orleans when i was 4. I am one hundred percent sicilian. my father was born there, and my moms parents came from there as well. I am extremely loyal to my friends and family. and I think loyalty and respect are two of the most important qualities a human can have. I will be graduating from Louisiana State Unitversity next May, and then i hopefully will be on my wway to law school shortly after. If i get accepted which i imagine i will, if i work hard. I have dreams of helping people and animals alot. I have two puppies, one half catahoula and wierner dog named Roux who is eight months old. I also have a half chiuahuah, half yorkie named Stella. They're my pride and joy but they can be extremely naughty like me. I'll be quite frank, i am a sexual vixen. i like going to the extremes with my body and letting others enjoy it. I am very open with my relationships and love pleasuring other people, especially if they are just as dirty as me. I recently got into porn to give myself a new experience and to let the world see what i am capable of doing. not only with my brain but with my pussy and mouth and hands and asshole haha. I can play both the devil and the angel. How Bella came to the industry is interesting -- she met the recent FTV update Jayde at a club/party of some kind, and she was drunk telling everyone about her shoot with the website. Bella took interest, and got contact info from her. She then texted me her interest. She wants to become involved in porn, not just FTV; so this is a stepping stone for her, a way to get her 'feet wet'. The shoot starts at a tourist area, early in the morning before the intense heat kicks in, and she looks good in that tight dress... and it being seethrough where you can see her breasts jiggle/areolas. She dances decent, and does have some twerking skills, so I get good views of that. She had brought her own Magic Wand Toy, using it to get to orgasm, but she does the shaky legs/close legs thing, which makes it difficult to get the vaginal contractions. Somewhat clearer when I do a second video of it all up close. Spreads & closeups next, then her being introduced to the Big Ten. She has a particular oral fetish, and according to her, loves to give blowjobs more than sex. She deepthroats that big thing pretty deep, but when it comes to her vagina, its the largest thing she's ever had. Its a struggle for her to get it in, but she starts working it pretty hard especially with stimulation from the vibrator. It allows her to gape more after the experience... She does have really nice full breasts to play with, so it then turns into a hard breast massage scene (with nipple sucking). Anal sex: Never done before, not even a finger, so this was a new thing for her. Starting with a finger, then a sharpie, and finally that glass ball toy. As you can see, even her vagina is pretty tight. We'll see how she does in the industry later!
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