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Description: Model Comments Hello my name is Valentina and im 21 years old. I was born in beautiful Riverside, California but bounced around all over California. I then lived in Lake Tahoe, with my family until my parents got sick... My dad took a job in Flagstaff, Arizona where we all lived together for the last 2 years of his life. My father then passed away and I took care of my mom in her last stages of cancer. SHe passed away two christmasess ago so i decided to pack up and start life fresh in Phoenix. MY ultimate goal is to become a Therapist. I enjoy helping people and i have been through alot in my life at such a young age, that I feel compelled and riven to help others whom are going through struggles. I am very ambitious and determined. I believe everything in this life should be earned and not given. I am greatful for the hard things i have overcome for it just makes me work harder and push more to be the best i can be. Lifes not easy but its well worth it. I just want to make sure that I have eveyrhting and my family has everything that i didn't have before. I am epileptic and my medicine is quite costly, so thats a reason ive decided to do a shoot with FTV.. My sister actually works with Hustler and has been in this type of industry since she was 18. I watched and supported her no matter what and she supports me in the same way. It makes me feel really comfortable because she has done similar things and to know its not as Taboo as I thought.. My sister is my biggest supproter ever since i lost my parents. I try and learn from her since shes more familiar. But hey what a best way to get my foot in the door than to work with FTV!! This expirience has been amazing and i will deffinitley bring some girls in. I cant be stingy and only share my beauty! I cant wait to have my friends come and join me. I would recommend and deffinitley do it again. This has helped me become more comfortable with my body and realize that its beauitful and art. I am forever greatful for this, it has been amazing! My epilepsy has restricted me from working and making money so this has helped alot. Its really hard to work when you are seizure prone. But this way im able to pay my bills and pay for my medicine, without this it would be close to impossible. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Valentina applied through snapchat, and sent me these pictures of herself #1 #2 #3 #4 #5. Then I asked her to send some nudes where she isn't wearing any makeup #6 #7. Great natural figure, and supercute -- we set a shoot up. She was very excited when she arrived, and I caught some of it on the outtake video (clip 8). She was always full of smiles, spontaneous movement, and just overall very spunky in energy and attitude. I picked out my favorite dress and heels she brought with her (and the only panties she brought over) and went on location for a fashion shoot and upskirt teasers. She has some very sexy legs, and as she got naked, I noticed her fine bubble butt and those nice round B-cup breasts. Big beautiful eyes and nice smile too. She believed that she could masturbate just with her fingers, and she supposedly does so several times a day, so I put a camera on tripod (clip 3) and did a second camera recording (clip 4). She ended up with two orgasms, one somewhere around the middle about 7 minutes in -- it was very sensual to see her do it in a natural manner, then have those strong vaginal contractions. We then get closeups of her private parts, she's shy about her 'long labia', and giggled a lot -- then we went straight to anal. She's never really had anal play before, but ends up fingering her butt, and using that glass toy. Then I surprise her with the Big Ten (I put it behind me and showed it to her for the first time while recording her to get that initial surprise). She works it in, and ends up taking it rather deep, surprising herself. Even more surprising was when she ended up getting really into it, then rubbing herself and ending up with another nice natural orgasm. Almost seems like we don't need any vibrators...
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