More Confident

From: FTV Girls
Description: If you have ever experienced a rave, then you know that its a place of zero judgement. Where you can just be yourself, let yourself be free and listen to amazing music surrounded by all your favorite people. Its my happy place. EDC in Las Vegas is one example of a rave music festival. I started raving almost 4 years ago, when a friend showed me what "hardstyle" is. Hardstyle is a genre of music and its just one of those genres where you can get all your emotions out. Music has always been apart of my life, my mom and my dad are both pretty young and always listened to the oldies and the new hits. They were the ones who emersed me into the music world. I did band and played percussion in middle school and highschool, and I also play piano and a little bit of guitar. My dad took me to my first concert when I was 7 years old and basically ever since then going to concerts have become a passion. I moved to Phoenix Arizona with my mom and dad when I was starting freshman year of highschool. It made me nervous at first to be in a new place and meet new people, but I soon made friends and some of them I am even still friends with. I have worked about 6 jobs in my whole life, I started at 16 years old, working as a waitress at Dennys. Now I work for UPS in the warehouse part time just to help pay for things while im still in school. One of my favorite jobs I worked at was a fitness center where I sold memberships, taught beginners yoga to people at the gym, and got to use the gym equipment whenever I wanted. It was a great job, but unfortunately didnt pay very well. I have a puppy named Kayzo, I named him after one of my favorite dj's. He's my best friend and he is so goofy looking but so cute. With renewed confidence, and a little more preparation now, Rachelle returns (only a few days later) to continue with her shoot, and things she wants to try. She straightened her hair, and it only takes a few minutes to warm her up to the camera, and she flows a lot better now. Still just as horny though, maybe even hornier haha. I wish she had more clothes and stuff, she could look pretty sexy in cute dresses or mini skirts... but the one she came with will suffice. We went to a sassy mall, and reintroduce her, along with upskirt and downblouse teasers, before going home to let her masturbate with the Vibraking. It brings her to a strong orgasm (actually two, first one around 3 minutes in, with milky juices flowing down). We then enjoy her very pretty and petite private parts, closeups of her clit, some gaping, and her talking about her near-nonexistent sex life. Before she could grab for a 'live' penis, I gave her a fake one, the large, thick dildo, and she did struggle to get it in... that girl is very tight down there. The vibraking helped though, and with its use, she ends up having her strongest orgasm yet, with the vaginal contractions wrapping hard around the dildo. She kept going after that (because she liked it so much) so I had to interrupt at some point. It makes her want to pee, but as she is so shy, she had to face the other direction to do it. Now that she's a little more comfy with the camera, I let her record herself, teasing the viewer while wearing lingerie & heels, fingering both holes as well. Of course, she gets horny again and...
Models: Rachelle FTV
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