Her Need To Squirt

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments On the second day of the event it was even more crowded than the day before. Luckily my outfit today wasn't something many would recognize. Many did take to comment how adorable I looked, but no one could guess who I was. I was Holo the Wise Wolf from an anime series Spice and Wolf. This anime is not the most popular. It is not action packed, romantic or drama filled. It is a story of business, economics and wit. I've watched the whole series at least six times and am still left needing to watch it once more because it is pretty difficult to follow. I enjoy the old and sophisticated speech used in the series and of course the spicy little wolf. Holo is a wolf goddess of the harvest who partners with a mortal peddler so that she can go back to her home in the North. The human agrees and borrows her wisdom throughout their journey for his business endeavors. Holo in her human form is very beautiful, young and immortal. Her wolf form is larger than an elephant and faster than cheetah. She loves apples, alcohol, and her tail. I made a necklace with a pouch because Holo wears one to carry her wheat. Holo can only dwell in wheat and she needs wheat or human blood to transform into her wolf form. I love how confident Holo is in everything she says and does. She is impulsive at times because she is a wolf after all, but she isn't afraid of anything aside from being alone. Although she looks like a mid-adolescent forever, she is hundreds of years old and has outlived all of her loved ones. Holo's biggest fear is being alone and I think that is something we all can relate to. I love this anime very much, I adore her character. I've never dressed up as a wolf before, but I have always wanted to ever since I picked up that hentai manga in Japan. Do you recall me telling you on my very first update why I prefer watching anime porn over people porn? If not, go back and look haha. Well one the images from the manga I picked up when I was so young had a cat girl. The cat girl looked like a normal young girl except she had cat ears and a tail. An older man had her on all fours and was slowly licking her everywhere. The images were in black and white, but that was what had gotten me wet for whatever reason. So far I've dressed up as a bunny and now a wolf girl which were both as of this year, but not yet a cat. If I had never begun exploring myself sexually I doubt I would have ever started applying cosplay to sex. I have to feel very comfortable in order to try something like that. Adult modeling has definitely opened me up to new ideas that only make sex more fun. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Things really picked up on the second day, and I was pleasantly surprised again when Melody showed up in another supercute outfit, this time with ears haha. I let her roam about and see stuff she wanted to look at, and go to the vendors area, as well as play games she likes. But of course, it was all about getting more photos and videos, so we see her doing more upskirt flashing, and we visit a nearby arts center where things really get frisky. She masturbates, squirts, fingers herself, gives us some serious ass views, and ends up going home to try the newer, thicker FTV Monster Toy. That thing really stretches her out, and she goes as deep as she can. She wants to challenge herself with bigger toys, so that on a future shoot she can go ultra extreme. We shall see :)
Models: Melody FTV
Channel: FTV Girls