Girl Of Many Talents

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Description: Model Comments Im also a very big gamer, specifically console gamimg. I currently have both playstation and xbox but i mainly play on my xbox. I mainly played COD games and i wouold actually play in tournaments on MLG. For the longest time my life would consist of waking up around noon, getting on xbox and not getting off untill 5 or 6 the next morning. Then the process would just repeat, i ocassionally would come out of my room to answer the door for the pizza guy or to use the bathroom. So you could imagine i wasnt the healthiest, which was true.. at my worst i weighed almost 160. That may not be a lot for some people but for a small 5'2, girl like me.. it was big. Thankfully i have pased that stage in my life and now weigh about 105. Now for the sexy stuff... I was about 11 or 12 when i first started to masturbate. I had stumbbled across a porn website and didnt really know what to think at first but as time went on i started to copy what the girls were doing and found out how awesome of a feeling it is. I would nevery actually masturate to the porn but i did think about those scenrios evry now and then. My favorite was always that naughty school girl who needed to raise her grade or just really needed to be punished. Hopefully in my career as a porn star i get to play that naughty school girl.. it would for sure fufill my fanatasies. I was about 14 or 15 when i lost my virginty, it was to an older guy friend of mine. We both just wanted to loose it so.. we did. All i remember was it hurting like hell and there was blood.. which i had no idea was going to happen. I thought there was something wrong with me but i later looked it up and realized i wasnt weird and it happens pretty often when loosing your virginity. The guy and I are actually still good friends to this day but however whe that happened, one of his friends told practically my whole class causing me to have a bad reputation. They would always start these stupid rumor about me fucking all these different guys even though i had really only had sex with one guy. I always just ignored the.. my actual friends knew that they were all just lies so i tried not to let them bother me. However my senior year of high school is when i just said fuck it, and really started to enjoy it. I swing both ways so i love guys and i love girls. If im being honest, i like girls just a little bit more because they know whats going to feel good plus their skin is always super soft. Im excited to start my career as a porn star and i hope to be one of those well known names in the porn industry. I really hope you enjoyed watching me and learning more about me! xoxo Danni Videographer/Photographer's Comments She had a couple of dresses with her, but this pink dress & heel combo was the sexiest, and we went to a resort to do a fashion & panty teaser shoot. Great upskirt views throughout. Back home, she uses the Vibraking Toy, which brings her to more orgasms, and even more strong vaginal contractions. Since I knew the size/shape of the dildo she likes, I brought in the long dildo, and let herself pound her vagina again. She ends up squirming on the carpet, in some rather erotic positions. She also has a great singing talent, so I let her do a rather impromptu singing video while wearing a cute red dress. We then went out to a late lunch, and that black romper/sandals is what she normally likes to wear. Looks cute on her of course, and the banana scene gets pretty kinky afterwards -- her pounding the banana as deep as it can go. She used to do ballet, and was quite an acrobat when she was in her early teens, so we headed to a park and got some good video of her showing off her acrobatic talents. She looks gorgeous doing it... And back home her request to masturbate one more time before she had to leave, this time on a very comfy bed. A total first timer, shot right after New Years... I believe she will become a pretty popular porn star one day.
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