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Description: Hi y'all, my name is Carmen and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I'm 19 years old and I have one brother and one sister. My brother is 15 years older than my sister and me is 17 years older. I have a different dad then them and my mom was 34 when I was born and she was 17 and 19 when she had my brother and sister. So I guess you could say she was living a completely different life until my dad came along haha. So growing up I basically grew up with nieces and nephews as siblings instead of my brother and sister. But despite our age differences that we have we still fought and do typical things that siblings do. I'm one of those girls who have a tomboyish side to them. I can be pretty nerdy sometimes like I'm a pretty big fan of Star Wars and super heroes. My top 3 favorite super heroes are Superman, The Hulk, and Wolverine. I like Superman because growing up one of my favorite TV shows was Smallville and that's when the Superman love started. And I love The Hulk just because well he's a badass and I feel him on a personal level when it comes to anger lol. And Wolverine is my favorite because well I love the X-men movies obviously they have been the best series of movies in Marvel, and Hugh Jackman is such a handsome man and does such a good job at playing the role. Carmen sent these photos: #1 #2 #3 #4. Very cute girl, though she did change her hair color before she showed up. I like her with the light hair color, but she's still very cute no matter what her hair is like. She's a tall girl, and with heels she does stand over six feet. From the very start I noticed how personable she is, and her excitement and enthusiasm over the shoot. She had never done any nudes, or adult work before, nor did she have much in the way of fashion. She borrowed Lia's red dress and heels, and we went out on location to a restaurant area, and I expected her to by shy about flashing, but she had no problem with it. I think if I had asked her to walk naked in the middle of a busy street, she would have. I pushed the flashing and exposure in the area until a security car came in to the area, and sat there; probably seeing what I was doing, or someone had called us in (so many windows we can't see what's inside). At home, she does a very 'white girl' dance, then masturbates with her fingers to orgasm. That's how she does it in personal life, and she's never used a vibrator before. She's also never used toys before, and she experiments with several toys, all the way to the Big Ten which she enjoyed. I would have her do clit spreads, but somehow no matter how many times I would direct her in spreading it properly, her finger would still go over the clit. Once she's tried the Eroscillator, she has a super strong, and long orgasm (with contractions that go one for a while post-orgasm) and she realizes that this kind of orgasm is the real, strong kind that she's never had before in her life. The way she moves and her reactions are pretty unique. Also notice how she's very vocal in everything, quite open in talking about all sorts of things about herself, from the very intro part through to the end. Off camera, she's even more talkative haha. Lia takes her out for some grocery shopping and it turns into another public nudity and flashing session, along with her choosing some 'goodies' to play with later. Another note, the main camera I used for this shoot was my older XH-A1 miniDV, instead of the XF200 what does that mean? Well, the image color/saturation is more bland, because of its more dated technology (My XF200 broke, so I had to use this as a temp replacement until I get a new cam).
Models: Carmen FTV