Fun & Confident

From: FTV Girls
Description: porn is fun for me, puttingon a non-serious act and letting people see me from an entire different view. I love having someone look at me and i can read into their energy.When i was a little girl; i used to ride horses in competition. I used to be a jockey pretty much. Thats all i wanted to be wasa jockey and race my horses. I rode horses until i was about fifteen or sixteen years old when i had a severe head injury of 57 staples being put into my head that led me to having seizures. Not as bad as they could be thamnk God. So i was officially out of the game. I couldnt take the chance of racing and me having a seziure during a race. Its too dangerous for the rider and too dangerous for the horse as well. So i kinda spent alot of time thinking about why i was being punished and having the only thing i loved doing as a sport, being taken away from me, and how angry i was. That led to me getting into criminal science which is what i study now at LSU, which is a HUGE YES for me. I love what i study. I also love traveling, ive been to about eevery state in the USA, and a few countries as well. El salvador, guatemala, Honduras, Russia, Sicily, etc. If i could spend all my money on plane tickets I wouuld. I also can speak three languges, spanish french and english. I hope i can continue to enjoy my experience in California, and keep shooting content for you!!!! LOVE, BELLA! kisses! XOXO XOXO I told her to wear 'casual' when we go for lunch, but little did I know she would be wearing a tight shirt with no bra on. I learn that she never wears bras, or at least doesn't like to. So it became a little shoot of her cleavage bouncing around in the restaurant, and those nipples perking out of her shirt. More dildo play at home, this time with the thick dildo, and she does a rather sexy ride on top. She does know how to move her hips... A little more used to larger now that she's experienced the Big Ten, the pounding is harder, and she ends up having an orgasm at the end. But it did make her vagina 'heat up' and she wanted to cool it down in the pool. It made for a wet t-shirt scene and more breast play, as well as a nude scene as she air dried before going back in. With her feet nice and clean, she does a foot fetish scene, with her oral fixation now focused on her toes. Foot fetish fans enjoy. Back outside, she's wearing a summer dress, does some cartwheels and acrobatics (causing some wardrobe malfunction), then back home to use the Vibraking Toy. She ends up with some strong orgasms (visible vaginal contractions throughout). We were about to do a summer squash scene, but she asked for it early, as to use it while masturbating with the Vibraking. It led to stronger orgasms, and a funny moment as it gets 'stuck'. Its a pretty thick vegetable, and her tight vagina clings onto it, making it very hard to pull out. Lastly, she tries the 'gape cage', which weirds her out initially, but then she asked later for me to send pics of it, she was curious to how it looked from the 'inside'. The last clip (clip8) is a mix of outtakes, from her trying to pee, swimming around in the pool, and some extra second camera dancing video.
Models: Bella FTV