Full Of Heavenly Milk

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments Today was NUTS! Definitely more fun than I expected! I mean I got to be myself all day, which is nice :) I wish you saw my photographers face when I told him I could lactate haha! We focused on that a lot which I love because I think its beautiful and natural and frankly, hot as fuck! So many orgasms, so much milk, I mean I sprayed an office window haha! Things got KINKY today and I love that. Different is beautiful. Today was beautiful. And I came a lot :) Videographer/Photographer's Comments Aali is a stunning blode model who I'd wanted to shoot since I saw her pics and luckily we made it happen quickly! Right off the bat you notice the boobs. Perky, firm, huge, and full of milk! Shes young, beautiful and very kinky, so today was a full one! We see her in the morning playing with her perfect tits before settling down into the bed where the play resumes and its not long until the black mini wand comes out. Its not the strongest toy, but a good way to start the day for many girls, and we cans see Aali's pleasure as she presses it to her clit. Next Aali grabs the magic wand and puts it to her clit and what happened after is one of my favorite scenes in a while. She is masturbating and cumming hard when she starts to play with her milk-filled tits and they start lactating... everywhere. All over myself, my camera, and there was no way that was stopping. She goes on for a bout 15 minutes here, totally self directed. I guess when shes horny or becomes aroused her tits can start leaking milk... damn :) The vibraking leads to similar results and we are treated to even more milking afterwards. She even agreed to squirt her milk in public and all over an office window. I wonder how that went over on Monday morning... Aali is a genuine sex lover and open mind, and those two things combined with her next level kinkiness and naughty abilities, and shes a FTVgirls winner. Those boobs!
Models: Aali FTV
Channel: FTV Girls