Eighteen & Tight

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments Hi my name is Tyler, im super shy and easy going. I am always full of smiles but am full of sass too. Being outdoors is where you will mostly see me. I have 3 cats and love all of them a lot. I have been born and raised in Arizona but have traveled to various places. The reason I am on camera is because I am way too shy for my own good. Its good to push your boundaries.. so that is exactly what I did. Meeting new people and getting to learn about them has always intrigued me. My special talent is painting, hence why I love being outdoors. Being able to see green everywhere and hearing the birds chirping motivates me to get creative on a canvas. My mind wanders in so many places so I feel that I should always be exploring new places and meeting new people. Doing this film and shoot was very new to me, but i enjoyed every part of it. Being able to capture so many moments of me enjoying myself felt amazing and im glad I pushed my boundaries. My favorite part of the shoot was being outside and doing yoga. I did get a little sassy through bits and pieces but im glad that my photographer kept his patience and made me feel amazing about myself. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Tyler, a local teen, sent these photos of herself through her social media: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 and then a nude #6. Definitely cute for FTV, and tattoo free, girl next door type. Right on the beginning of the shoot, my lens and video stabilizer died, so I didn't have that smooth video control I'd normally like to have, so sorry about the extra vibration. The new lens comes in less than a week, will be happy to have a replacement and get the best video possible in 4k. Anyway, Tyler was very shy, and wouldn't say much on camera if anything at all, unless I talked to her and asked questions. And her answers were short, so I found myself talking too much on video, even though there was no other way to get some personality or vocalization out of her. Masturbating, she did it her way, with fingers only, and I put two cameras on tripod with different perspectives. She gets to orgasm, but I didn't see any vaginal contractions on orgasm... but then again she wasn't acting out and did genuinely orgasm. She really hasn't had much sex, and she said she had a 'big' penis once and it was too much, finding out that it was 'only' 7 inches. She's not used to big, that's for sure, and throughout the shoot (especially with the glass toy) you can see how tight she is. The thick dildo barely got in, and she was sore after that (the tummy rub on clip 8). The Eroscillator was probably her favorite, and it brought her to several orgasms -- she didn't seem to want to stop. She also has that talent of 'moving' her clit up and down. She had a few other firsts, like anal play, gaping, four fingers etc... but she's definitely a shy one in comparison to some of the more extrovert models on the site. She's another FTV exclusive, cute teen no doubt.
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