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Description: Model Comments Hi there! I call myself Stoney for the site, so if you couldn't guess, I'm a stoner. That's not the only to like about me though; I'm a very outdoorsy gal and I try to live a healthy lifestyle, which is not so easy when your favorite foods are all deep fried, too sweet, or smothered in cheese. You'd think I'd eat more veggies since I'm from the Garden State, but I like to think I make up for it by being active. I love hiking, kayaking, beach trips, and even just simple walks in the park are exciting for me. I took dance in high school and I developed an incredible amount of love and respect for art in every form. Along with painting, reading, camping, and art, I also love animals! I plan on starting school and going into an animal related career, like a vet or animal behaviourist. I've wanted to do this since I was in second grade, but I really knew it was my passion when I realized that no matter what stage of life I went through, my love for animals has always made me want to help them however I could. My mom helped inspire and encourage this by rescuing just about every animal that needed it. I've grown up with all sorts of animals, but I'm truly a cat person. Which is why I own three cats of my own, Little Bear, Knudge, and Bugsy. I can't wait until I can live in my own house with them. My favourite place I've been is California, simply because I've always dreamed of visiting the other side of the country. My second favorite is Tennessee, for all of it's beauty and history. I've travelled as far as Jamaica when I was younger. There's still so many places I want to go though. I'd love to see Ireland and Puerto Rico to see what life was like for my great grandparents. I'd love to float through Italy and see the Eiffel Tower lit up. I crave knowledge of how these different, beautiful places are. If I could, I'd travel all the way up to space and visit my star sign, the Sea Goat. For those of you who don't know what that means, I'm a Capricorn. Which means I'm hardworking, motivated, and a very passionate person when it comes to the things I'm interested in or care about. Even though people are skeptical, I believe learning their sign tells me pretty accurately how well I'm going to be friends with a person. I could go on and on, but I'm sure I've given you enough detail about my life. See you on the web my friends xo Stoney Videographer/Photographer's Comments Stoney's shoot was actually done on two separate days, spaced off by months; her first portion was shot in January, and the second portion in July. She was a total first timer in the first part, and had never shot any nudes of any kind, but not that shy about flashing in public. She has a certain confidence about her figure, even at 19; so I took advantage of that and we headed straight for a restaurant area early in the morning. She had a cute summer dress on, with her favorite wedges -- coming from New Jersey, this is what she likes to wear on a warm summer day. She was happy to experience a day like this in Phoenix, when her hometown was deep into cold by then. Its all about upskirt views, and her long labia teasing out in this public place, then the dare where she takes it all off and walks around in the nude. Her figure definitely looks sexy when she walks about, and in the nude; her butt and breasts are very firm and hang just right. So it leads to a dancing scene where we get to see her figure in motion. Then I gave her the Magic Wand, because she does like vibrators -- but this one was stronger than she expected. I didn't know she would keep going, even after 3 orgasms, so her contractions are all over the place, with orgasms you can identify here and there. Her clit is quite prominent and 'pretty', so I got quite a few closeups of it, and she has those long labia good for stretching. She does have a very tiny vagina though, she can barely get it open for gaping. With the dildos she used, you can see how her vagina grips it tight, though she definitely can go deep, especially when she was on top of the Big Ten. She also had her first experience with anal, using a chain of anal beads.
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