Aggressively Sexual

From: FTV Girls
Description: im 18 years old. im from detroit, michigan. i spend most of my time with my nose buried in a book. my favorite book currently is Gullivars travels.when i finally snap back to reality im usually playing with my two dogs mitsy & mattie, or listening to music. i love going to concerts even the small ones at bars back home with local bands that i absolutely love. Another thing that i enjoy are tattoos. currently i have four tattoos. two reading related book covering my collar bones, a paper airplane on my wrist, and three purple roses with a ribbon on the back of my shoulder for cystic fibrosis. one thing ive really enjoyed quite recently is driving around in gorgeous sports cars. if i had to pick a sports car for myself it would be a lamborghini aventador with suicide doors and neon green (my favorite color) lights. i enjoy baking, cookies & dark choclate mint brownies are my specialties. once im older,done travelling the world, and find a place id like to stay id like to open my own small bakery. As for food in general my absolute favorite would have to be pizza. Bagel bites specifically are the best. First things first: This girl was EXTREMELY sexually aggressive! You'll notice it throughout the video. Of course, its hard to resist her advances, but I did. Anyway, we first met at the airport the night before, I interviewed her and then we went to a department store to get her some 'fashion' style clothing (outtake Clip 10). She had sent these photos of herself when she applied to FTV, pretty much just turned 18: #1 #2 #3 and some nudes #4 #5 #6 #7. Her breasts are incredible of course, and she knows it. They're full, firm triple D's, and she does like showing them off. Not shy at all, even though she's never done adult before she had no problem getting naked & masturbating in front of a stranger. We started off with the blue dress, then headed home with her masturbating with that portable wand. She had a nice, genuinely strong orgasm, but the way she positioned herself the orgasmic contractions weren't visible. I also got second camera view of her masturbating. She has the long, stretchy labia, and got some good closeups of them as well as her clit and some 'pink'. She then played with a blue vibrating dildo, but was always wanting the 'real thing'. She tried to do the fisting, but even with her small hand, she's too small down there. To distract her from 'wanting to fuck', we went for a lunch and more teasers. Pretty much what you see there is what she normally wears.
Models: Sarah FTV