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Description: Model Comments After my injury I began to put more of my focus on academics so I can receive a scholarship to college. Kicking ass in school and graduating the top of my class I received a full ride to the University of Nevada Las Vegas. During college I worked 2-3 jobs at a time to support myself and what I enjoyed doing most, traveling and music. I traveled to many different cities like: Miami, New York City, Houston, San Diego, Virginia Beach, New Orleans, Nashville, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I love all different types of music and going to music festivals allows me to do what I love and that is travel and listening to awesome music. My favorite trip was with my best friend to Miami for a music festival. We stayed for over a week and enjoyed all the food, beaches, parties, clubs, music, and new friends. The best night there was the last night of the festival we were both invited to a yacht party and had the best time of our lives. In only three years I was able to graduate college with my bachelors in psychology and plan on going back to school for another degree. Currently, I'm enjoying my time off from school and continue to travel and experiencing new adventures. Now you know a little about myself and enjoy my sexy videos! Videographer/Photographer's Comments The next morning, before the weather got too hot, we headed out to another park area, this time she's wearing a more casual summer dress. I wanted to see her do those cartwheels, and get the explicit shots when she does. Never can stay too long in these places however, with a busy street nearby, and a restaurant with windows all facing us -- all you need is someone to see and get offended by nudity at a distance. Well... that did happen afterwards, when she got naked near a back-entrance to a resort, and while she was fucking herself with a banana (and starting to enjoy it) a female walked past her and saw what she was doing. It had to have been her calling us in, because in less than 2 minutes there was a police car there, and we were stopped from leaving. Whether the cop was in a good mood, or he had more pressing matters to attend to, he just gave us a warning and banned us from that resort. Ahh... the list of resorts I'm banned from grows ever longer. So she went for a coffee to relax after that, and we went to the comforts of the house where she challenges herself to her fist. When we took pictures, it seemed like it couldn't happen, with her near-fisting, but she tried for a while until it finally completely went in to the wrist. She grinded her fist inside until it was too much pressure (but she enjoyed the pleasure/pain effect for a while), and then gaped larger than she had before from all that stretching. One last sexy outfit for us to enjoy her in -- a short skirt and wedges -- with a little bit of parading around a mall, for more fashion gone bad. But the shoot is really geared towards anal play, as she's got a butt plug in her. It becomes a fetishy shoot as she plays with her butt with a dildo, and takes it surprisingly deep. Compared to the day before, she seemed a lot more comfy with anal play, and actually enjoyed it this time. According to her, the softer dildo was a lot better than the hard glass toy. And so ends this adventure shoot, I found this girl to be very sexy... something about that naturally athletic form, the sexy thighs and butt was a big turn on -- and I think most members will enjoy it as well, through this series of photos & videos.
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