A Very Sexy Return

From: FTV Girls
Description: I touched on singing already but didnt really get into it. I have known how to belt since age 8, when I did musical theature as a kid. I never really was taught nessesarily how to sing but as I grew up I slowly got better. I remember looking up to Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne a lot and base a lot of my style on a mixture of them both. I learned how to play violin because my mom forced me to so I could play with her and my sister but I hated it. Learned to love it after that, but orchestra was the most miserable class--ever. I taught myself to play guitar at 18 and played on the streets of Ann Arbor MI, Longbeach CA and Los Angeles CA. When I lived in Nashville I would go all over the countryside of Kentucky to play small gigs and made quite a few friends. Also while in Kentucky/Tennesee I began to learn how to play the drums and loved it! Sadly since I have left that area I haven't had the chance to play them. When I was about 10 or 11 my dad taught me how to build birdhouses. After that he just increased in difficulty going up to book cases, framing and shelves. Right after that I built a 150 ft ramp made out of Trex for an old lady that my dad knew that needed help. Just recently in Colorado I build a few decks in Lakewood with my current ex, but the funny part about that is that he had no clue what he was doing and I did! Its good to have Mazzy back, this girl has a lot of personality, enthusiasm, and is fun to work with. With members wanting to see her back, whether they are just enamored with her, or lover her extreme or anal action, we had to make sure we get a good adventure update for her. She's looking quite beautiful in that pink skirt and heels, with a cute introduction and a lot of teasing. The mall shoot ended abruptly, when a security guard showed up... So we went to get her a morning coffee and let her talk a little bit more about herself and go to the grocery store for some kinky selections (eggplant, corn). She definitely has an anal fetish, whereby as she masturbates, she has to have something in her butt (the pulling/pushing on her sphincter seems to create enhanced arousal) and with her rubbing away on her clit, she gets to orgasm. So why not push it further, get her a larger anal toy, and let her do it again? That's when I realized again how deep she can go anally, taking that whole pink toy in. Once again, she has another orgasm. Great closeups of the penetration. Giving her butt a rest, we move to some vaginal play, making that big eggplant the 'dildo', which she takes very deep, and fucks pretty hard. When on top, she can press down on it, to take it even deeper. Of course, members really wanted to see her fist herself again, and she's all about it too. What made this one rather different was how she did it in doggy style, and surprisingly easy for her too (must be the long arms). Second camera video of the action on clip 7. All that pressure made her want to pee, so we did another scene of that (she's one of the few girls who doesn't get pee shy). More to come in part two, where she gets extra kinky, and pushes her limits even further.
Models: Mazzy FTV
Channel: FTV Girls