A Different Style

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments Did i mention i'm a mommy? No, not to a human being but to a minature yorkie that is literally my spitting image. Ares, my puppy, is one of the mouthiest doggos you'll ever come across... if i turn my back on him, he cries. If i take a shower and i dont let him in with me... he cries. If i leave he cries, But it never matters to me because he cherishes my time even when i dont deserve a little fur baby sometimes... He's the best. Usually people would say im a very blunt person... i would deffinately agree for the reasoning of i tell it like it is ( Ares and i have little desputes all the time... i call him a asshole, he retaliates my either biting me or growling me... it happens). What i think the best part about my bluntness is the fact that my friends or family will always here the realness in my sentences. If i say something i mean it, if i meant it i said it. Throughout the years only one friend has stay by me through all the real times...(THATS MY BESTFRIEND, THATS MY BESTFRIEND!). Were closer than most friends are, i mean c'monnn... i bought the women her first dildo... she named it after me for goodness sakes!!! now that is real love right there. If it wasn't for my family and friends i wouldn't have much to look forward to day by day, i'm sure alot of individuals would agree with me on that. Videographer/Photographer's Comments On the second day of the shoot, she totally changed her look up, with makeup and her hair in its natural state. For some reason, in some photos & videos she looks like the actress Jennifer Lawrence, don't you think? She's wearing a short skirt and sexy heels, making her 6+ feet tall, and very leggy. Great upskirt views and teasers to start things up, then back home to do a sexy dance to music. She does get rather flirtatious with the camera (or is it the photographer?) and really gives us nice views of how beautiful her legs are. Then comes the Vibraking Toy... and wow does it make her squirt like crazy, with some serious distance. I guess squirting does wear her out though, no matter how good it feels. She takes a shower (you can see how hot it was outside, with beads of sweat on her forehead) to cool down, then tries the large thick dildo, which becomes too painful for her. Thanks to the FTV Monster toy, it sort of damaged her for the day, and so we had to take a break from penetration and leave the rest of the shoot for the third day.
Models: Sophia FTV