A Christmas Vacation

From: FTV Girls
Description: Model Comments I feel as if FTV members have seen me grow so much since my very first adult video. I've become bolder, happier and I dare say even prettier. All of my teenage acne has finally gone away! Thank goodness for that haha! My skin has cleared to the point where I was comfortable enough to take makeup-free photosets and videos the morning after my exotic Christmas vacation. My boobs are still very small, but they have gotten a bit fuller and perkier from taking birth control. I will never go under surgery. I would rather spend my money towards more significant endeavors such as furthering my education. Speaking of school, I finally started my first semester! I'm taking English 101, MAT151, Honors Psychology and Humanities. Currently my major is General Studies since I haven't figured out exactly where I want to invest all my time and money yet. What I do know is that I had my fun, but I want to get serious and become a part of something bigger than myself. I love exploring my sexuality and entertaining men, but I have other talents and passions too. I've always loved writing, I believe it is a powerful tool and I would love to perfect it. I've also always been extremely creative and that reflects in my sexual adventures haha. There are so many ideas storming through my mind and I want to at least try to make some of them come true. I'm hoping going to school will not only educate me, but inspire me. Although I am camming while I attend college in order to support myself and pay for school, once I find my other calling I will no longer be around. Until then I hope that I never cease to entertain you and that I may come back once more to push all my final limits. Thank you for having me back for this incredible Christmas special. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Melody has become extremely popular on FTV, and members wanted to see her again, after that cute cosplay shoot for Halloween. So she returns for a Christmas special, where she travels to a tourist resort area, and we picked out two of my favorite dresses & wedges to wear for the shoot. It starts with the cute, innocent white outfit, and we go straight to a very popular tourist destination where they sell arts and crafts. As you can see, its very heavily populated, and we had to be pretty careful about not getting ourselves into trouble. More importantly, the location is gorgeous, and made for some really beautiful photos & videos. No doubt Melody is gorgeous as well, and mostly older couples walking by would compliment her. We got all sorts of teasers and upskirt shots when we could, sometimes right under the tourists' noses, and Melody had a lot of fun with that. Wherever she could settle down for a second, she'd rub herself and squirt -- places like that stairway, and you can see its well traversed, and we got spotted many times. Fortunately every time she was seen doing something daring or explicit, they either ignored it or smiled. Especially daring during the squirting on the different stairways, the panty stuffing (love those strong vaginal muscles) and the full nudes which people in the restaurant across the courtyard could very well see her naked. Once we got back to the hotel, we decided to do a sporty shoot before the sun sets, and maybe get to the top of one of the ridges to captures some really nice photos of the sunset. However, there were so many flies and mosquitoes, they were biting her everywhere. If we stood in place even for a minute, we'd get eaten alive. So we stayed mobile, shot as much as we could, but had to turn back. Instead, she ends up doing some acrobatics on the grass, and ran into some deer... with attention given to her bubble butt. It was an incredibly hot day (95 degrees) and we thought it best to hit the pool, to cool down as well as help with the mosquito bites we both had. This pool is right in front of several rooms, but we risked it anyway, as it was getting dark. We had to jump the fence, because it was locked, and as it got darker, she went from teasing her nipples to full-on masturbation and squirting on the lifeguard chair. Yeah, a couple saw what was going on, but as long as they didn't think she was underage (because she looks so young) I wasn't too worried. Eventually it got too dark to shoot there, so I continued a little video of her naked by the fireplace. On the next morning, we see her in a cute babydoll nightie, with no makeup on... and she sits on the balcony ledge and starts masturbating and squirting. Notice the employees working at the pool behind her, but she continues masturbating anyway, making a squirty mess of the ledge and the chair especially with the portable magic wand. She ends up having a nice strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how her vagina pulsates with pleasure. We go back to that popular tourist spot, this time she's wearing my favorite red dress, along with some sexy black wedges I bought her specifically for this shoot. What I didn't realize is how short the front of the dress is, especially with her legs hiked up raising her dress. We did another series of very sexy photo & video, upskirt and flashing (some unintentional, even off camera) and more squirting on some pretty locations. She also did some souvenir shopping of her own, off camera. As we were traveling back home, we ended up getting stuck in some rather nasty traffic -- an 18-wheeler had toppled over and blocked the road. We were stuck there for at least two hours, so we made a shoot out of it. All the guys behind us, mostly truck drivers and construction guys loved it, but there was that one lady in front that got offended and we ended up cutting it short. She would really have to look through her rearview mirror and focus to see what Melody was doing, even though Melody was facing the opposite direction, but she had to make her point known anyway. And so ends another adventure shoot in an exotic location, and Melody is so fun to watch, and she's such a perfect girl for a holiday update.
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