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Description: Hello. My name is Gwen. I was born and raised in Arizona, but I have always loved Southern California beach cities, such as Newport Beach, San Diego, and Huntington Beach. I have always loved the ocean, and I always will. My zodiac sign is Scorpio, which of course means I am a passionate lover, but not just in the bedroom. My baby, Zoe is one of the biggest sources of love in my life. She is a sheperd mix that I have had for a couple years now. I have green eyes. Some of my favorite things to do in my spare time are playing with Zoe, of course, hiking, going four-wheeling, and cheerleading. I lost my virginity at the age of 16. My favorite foods are ice cream, chocolate, and sushi, but not all together. Eww. I was born on October 30th, the day before Halloween. I love being in front of the camera. I have always wanted to be a model, actress, or singer. However, my main career goal in life is to not only become a professional pohotographer and dog trainer, but also open up a non-profit animal shelter and save as many animals as possible. My favorite animal is of course a dog, but I also love cats, birds, bunnies, horses, and virtually any animal that is not poisonous. As I grow older, I plan on getting married, maybe having a kid, and owning lots of animals. Some of my shorter term goals include getting a car, traveling a bit, and hopefully getting another animal. I always sleep with a heated blanket because I get cold really easily. I have never been in jail. I have three sisters and two brothers, however none of them are full siblings to me. If I could choose to live in any time, it would be the 50s to the 80s. Summer is my favorite season. If I could have any car, I would get a toyota pickup or 67' chevy impala. I love Disney movies. I love to sing, but I am not very good. I have worked at a lot of fast food places. I hated it. To gey rid of stress, I masturbate and play with Zoe, but not at the same time cuz that would be weird. I have had sex in a park before. It was super weird because the guy was drunk and threw up and he also brought a friend that I did not approve to be there. I had to get out of that one. My boyfriend and I have had sex in a church. He played in the bandso when the music was done and the pastor was busy preaching, we snuck into the staff bathroom. Videographer/Photographer's Comments Gwen is another one of those 'too good to be true' kind of girls, who after sending these photos #1 #2 #3 then these nudes #4 #5, we talked through online chat, and she turned out to be incredibly cute in person. And those amazing breasts! Not a single tattoo either, which is refreshing thing -- I had to get her set up for a shoot right away! She lived several hours away, and so I personally had to go drive there and pick her up, as there was no other way (Uber cost too much, and unless you have a small private plane, you weren't going to get to its super tiny airport). She was so incredibly excited about the shoot (and the house) once we arrived, that I turned on my small video camera and followed her around as she discovered the place (it became outtake clip 8). Notice that she does wear glasses, and is that total girl next door type of look... the best kind we like for FTV. The next morning, she was ready even before me (I told her to be ready at 830, she was ready at 745) and even dressed up to go out shooting. The weather was still a bit cold, so I went straight for the indoor shooting (and it became clip2) where spread and played with herself, then masturbated with vibrators. The Eroscillator was too weak for her taste (outtake clip10) so I brought out the Vibraking which brought her to her first orgasm around 4:30 and second one around 8:20 on clip 3. Nice vaginal contractions, and if I hadn't held her back, she'd probably continue on. Outtake clip 9 has even more of that masturbation from a different angle. Then the day began with the introduction/shoot on location (clip1) and she was so spunky and fun after the orgasm (and the pictures turned out amazing) while men stared with lust, and women stared with envy (or disgust?). With that body/look of hers, what male wouldn't want her? Those incredible breasts really stand out in the outfit, and the long legs made her even sexier. Also some cutsie extra outtake video on clip 7, where she films herself and her breasts, along with a lunch break. She also has long labia (which she said she didn't like, but I boosted her confidence about them, and how many guys like them) along with long labia stretching video and extreme closeups. She was intimidated by the Big Ten, but as you can see, she did genuinely like it, and ended up fucking it in different positions. She pretty much implied that she likes being fucked hard, and fast. No slow sex. More to come in part 2...
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