3 Years Of Mutual Sex

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Description: Jayde's Comments Hey its Jayde, Today I had so much fun with my best friend Vanna! We have been friends for 3 years now, and how we met was a very interesting story... It all started in high school. I knew Vanna had a huge crush on me but she was also two grades below me. It just so happened to be that she was one of the few sophomores invited to my senior prom after party, and literally 3 minuted after we laid eyes on one another, it was make out city! We ended up heading to my car down the road and getting pretty freaky in the backseat, fogged windows and all. Ever since then, we have been super close friends who (not so) secretly would hook up when we were staying at each other's houses. Even after high school, I would leave my morning classes and go have my afternoon lunch if you know what I mean. Our relationship went way beyond sex and now we know everything about each other, especially how to make each other feel good. When you watch our videos you'll surely find out how close we are. Videographer/Photographer's Comments I was really excited about this girl-girl shoot -- especially since they've been real life friends and lovers for over 2 years. Vanna is extremely gorgeous, with an amazing figure as well, and only later did I find out how flexible she is from ballet and such. And even better, how surprisingly extreme she would be. She sent these photos of herself: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 and some pictures of them together #6 #7 #8 -- notice the older pics of Jayde's hairstyle. Their stories were interesting, especially when I was driving them from the airport and they would talk about their sexual experiences. There was this one lucky guy who would do threesomes with them all the time... The girls did bring some cute clothes with them (I had requested Jayde to bring something more than just shorts and tank top like last time) and so we could go on location for a sexy intro. Man, Vanna's body is incredibly sexy, and so well developed from her ballet/training early on. Her Brazillian/French background gives her an exotic look as well. I also found out that they hadn't been together sexually in months, as they had moved to different places (Jayde in Colorado, Vanna to Scotland!). This first part is all the warm-up, and the girls getting reacquainted, along with Vanna warming up to the camera. In clip 3, I let them do their own thing, unchoreographed or directed, so they eventually get naked, fingering each other and going down on each other. I wanted to see clear strong orgasms, so I had them masturbate next to each other, and Jayde was all about this black vibrator of hers that she brought with her. They share it, and both have good orgasms. Another toy brought over was this power toy, a sort of fucking machine dildo that Jayde likes using. Though she likes fucking guys, she doesn't have any interest in relationships, and these toys of hers are a way to get off for her. It seems to work well on both girls, with Jayde definitely ending up in orgasm. The last clip is an outtake of me picking them up from the airport, and them getting ready. Part 2, is where their kinky and extreme side begins, and it becomes one of the most incredible fisting shoots ever.
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